What information must be included in the application for permission to fell and the notification of felling of woody plants?

An application for permission to fell and/or a notification of felling of woody plants must include the following information:

a)       name and date of birth (for private individuals) and the address of the applicant,

b)      proof of ownership rights, if it is not possible to confirm this from the Land Registry records, then a lease or rental contract for the plot of land, or the right of the applicant to utilise the plot of land must be provided. This means that you must give the specific number of the plot of land, where the felling is to be carried out and tell us who the owners of the land are;

c)      specifications of the woody plants growing outside of the forest which should be felled, especially their species, number, area which is covered by bushes – including a site map or drawing;

d)     circumference of trees at a height of 130 cm above the ground;

e)      justification for the application (e.g. the roots are damaging buildings, poor health condition, falling branches, shading of the house etc).Applications to fell woody plants growing outside the forest may be submitted by the landowner, the tenant or leaseholder of the land, or other authorised land users with the permission of the owner of the land on which the trees or bushes grow. Notifications of felling of woody plants growing outside the forest must contain the same information as applications for permission to fell.

Note: Nature protection bodies can help with filling in the application (e.g. confirming ownership rights, determining the species of trees and bushes etc). If the information on the application form is not complete or is badly filled in then the nature protection body may interrupt the administrative process until the applicant provides complete information, or stop the process altogether.