Technical attractions


Czechoslovak pre-fortification 1936 - 1938

Pre-fortification 1938Pre-fortification 1938




Helena Mniszkové Bridge

The stone bridge was built in the middle of a deep forest on the carriage route from Vranov to the Ledové sludje Ice Caves at the end of the 18th century.


Helena Mniszkové BridgeHelena Mniszkové Bridge




Hanging bridges

ImageLávka in Lower Hamry

  Lávka under Šobesem

Lávka under Šobesem




Vranov water reservoir  

Built in 1930-1934. Lake area 765 hectares, max. depth 58 metres, total volume of retained water 31.5 million cubic metres. The dam is 59.9 metres tall and the retained waters have flooded 30 kilometres of valley similar to that of the Dyje Valley in the Podyjí NP. From the dam there is an interesting view of the lake.


Vranov Water ReservoirVranov Water Reservoir




Znojmo water reservoir

Built in 1962-1966, the lake serves for regulating the outflow of water during peaks of operation of the Vranov power plant, for protection against floods, and particularly as a reservoir of drinking water for Znojmo and its vicinity. Before filling the reservoir, its shores and slopes were partly deforested and several objects of suburban recreations were removed, including a picturesque swimming pool, the historical inn „Pod Obří hlavou", two bridges and 22 week-end cottages. The length of flooded territory is around 5 kilometres, the greatest depth of the lake is around 17 metres.

Znojmo Water ReservoirZnojmo Water Reservoir




Railway bridge

Built in 1871 across the Dyje on the Prague - Vienna route according to a project by Professor J. Brik. It is 220 metres long and 48 metres high. At present used by trains going from Znojmo to Šatov and further to Retz, Austria.



Iron curtain 

A monument presenting the single preserved section of the former Iron Curtain that hermetically sealed the state border of the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic from Austria and Germany.


Iron CurtainIron Curtain