On Foot

The Bilateral Podyjí  - Thayatal National Park offers exceptionally good conditions for walkers and hikers on easy to medium difficulty trails almost all year round. The routes are chosen so that walkers can visit all of the characteristic locality types in the national park – river and stream valleys, attractive vantage points on the rocks, heathlands and numerous historical monuments on both sides of the state border.


Turisté na břehu DyjeTourists on the bank of the Dyje


 Walking and hiking have more than 100 years of tradition in Podyjí. It was as early as 1883 when the members of the Znojmo Section of the Austrian Tourist Club marked out the first hiking trails in the surroundings of Znojmo and Vranov. There are currently a total of  76 km of marked tourist trails within Podyjí National Park for visitors to enjoy. These trails are marked with the system of coloured bands and arrows used by the Czech Tourists Club. In order to protect the natural values, it is essential that visitors only move along the marked trails on the territory of the First and Second Zones. 
Turistická směrovka

Tourist signposts

  Pásové značení pěší trasy

Banded marking of tourist trails

Thayatal National Park offers a total of 6 hiking trails situated in the forest complex between the town of  Hardegg and the village of Merkersdorf.  The Austrian trails are marked with coloured plates with the name and number of the trail and the logo of Thayatal NP. They are:

  1. Thayatalweg: 3 hours
  2. Einsiedlerweg: 2.5 hodiny
  3. Hardegger Rundwanderweg: 1.5 hours
  4. Merkersdorf Rundwanderweg: 2,5 hours
  5. Kajaweg: 30 minutes
  6. Hennerweg: 40 minutes

  Značení rakouských pěších tras v NP ThayatalMarking of the Austrian trails in Thayatal NP


These trails are also very well marked. The Hennerweg trail is also an educational trail with masses of information on attractive panels. This easy walk is often visited by families with small children in prams. The trail starts and finishes close to the Thayatal National Park House above Hardegg, where it is also possible to visit a modern exhibition on the nature of the Dyje/Thaya valley, as well as a pleasant café. Walking in Podyjí is not a mass sport, so pilgrims do not have to worry about having their trip spoilt by the crowds of other hikers. We wish you a pleasant stay in Podyjí National Park and a safe return home.



 Map of walking trails in Podyjí - Thayatal NP (129,83 KB)