By car into Podyjí NP

The territory of Podyjí National Park is not accessible for motorists. Vehicles must always be parked in the villages in the Podyjí NP buffer zone or on designated parking areas which lie near to public roads. Then we can enter the actual Podyjí National Park only on foot or by bicycle.


Mapa parkovacích míst Map of car-parking (304,45 KB)


Motor vehicles are forbidden from using the Čížov - Hardegg border crossing or driving towards it. The road is closed for motor vehicles at the end of Čížov village. The visitor´s car park is around 100 metres before the entrance to the village. We recommend that you use this meadow for parking, as the narrow roads in the village are not suitable for parking large numbers of cars without damaging the grass verges. Vehicles with a Disabled/Handicapped Permit may drive as far as the crossing of trails near the Hardegg Vantage Point, where there is a small marked parking area.